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River Primary School

River Primary School


Thursday 2nd November 2023

Maths Learning

This week we have been focusing on circles and triangles. We have become experts when discussing their properties! Can they spot these shapes around the house and explain why they know it is this shape? For example, a circle has 1 curved side, a triangle has 3 straight sides. How many corners? We also explained there can be ‘almost shapes’ (eg. a pizza slice has a curved edge so is nearly a triangle).

To extend this you could create shape pictures using circles and triangles.

Literacy Learning

This term we are focusing on traditional tales. Chose a traditional fairy tale of your choice and discuss it. There are question prompts in your reading records and also on our class website under ‘Literacy’, ‘VIPERS’. You can then discuss your favourite part of the story encouraging children to use full sentences and the word ‘because’ to explain why. Can you then act out your favourite part or draw a picture of it? Be as creative as you can!

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Mrs Gosling, Miss Collins, Miss Lockhart and Mrs Kerr