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River Primary School

River Primary School


English Term 6 



We will write a colour poem, non-chronological report and retell a story. 


We will add the prefix 'un' to words.

We will use exclamation marks at the end of a sentence. 


Can you find these in the books you are reading at home?


We will continue to add 'ing', 'ed' and 'er' to verbs where there is no change to the root word. e.g. helping, helped, helper.

We will write simple compound sentences using the conjunction 'and'.

We will use a question mark to show a question sentence.




Vocabulary:  letter, capital letter, word, sentence, full stop, noun, adjective, verb, question mark, exclamation mark

Guided Reading Term 6 


During guided reading sessions we use the VIPERS questions for Year 1.  These can be found in the front of your child's 'Reading Record'.  You can also click on the tab below. This term we will be sharing these texts.