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River Primary School

River Primary School

This Term's Learning

This Term's Topic is ..

Marvellous Machines



In the Marvellous Machines project, your child will learn about technology that is part of their daily lives. They will explore various machines, learn about how machines help us and find out about how machines have changed and developed over time. They will learn about products that use electricity to make them work and explore magnetic and non-magnetic materials. 


Supporting your child at home 

  • Talk about the machines and technology you use in your everyday lives. 

  • Look for things in the home that are powered by electricity. 

  • Look for items that are powered by batteries. 



Our Companion Project is...

Signs of Spring 



 In the Signs of Spring project, your child will learn the signs of Spring. They will be able to recognise features of their own immediate environment and how they might vary from another.


Supporting your child at home: 

  • Go on a walk and observe how things are changing. 

  • Put bird food out in the garden or on a window ledge and observe the birds that visit.