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River Primary School

River Primary School

School Council

At River Primary School, our School Council is an important and integral part of what makes the school a democratic and inclusive community. Children from Years 1-6 are encouraged to nominate themselves at the start of each year. They prepare and share a short speech with their peers who then take part in a secret vote to elect their preferred candidate. The children meet weekly to discuss matters from around the school, organise fundraising projects and to share pupil voice.

River Primary School Council

Term 3

This term the School Council have been working closely with the Eco Warriors. Together we have been discussing the impact that parents parking outside the school has on our local community and environment.


All classes have completed a 'hands up' survey to show how they travel to school and also how they would like to travel to school. School Council and Eco Warriors have talked with their classes to come up with ideas for improving the environment outside our school, as well as how to make crossing Lewisham Road safer for everyone in our school community.

Term 4

This term saw members of the School Council shaking buckets before and after school, collecting donations for children affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. In class children were introduced to the amazing work that the School in a Bag organisation do around the world.

A 'thank you' from Noah, Freya and Luella of the School Council:

Thank you for supporting our School in a Bag fundraiser. We raised an amazing £238.46 to help children affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. We raised enough money for over 11 bags!

Thank you so much!



School Council & Eco Warriors Update


Term 4 saw us continuing to work together to improve the environment around our school. One of our ideas is to have a 'Walking Bus'. Parents would be able  to drop their children at Kearsney Abbey, where they will be escorted to school safely. This would reduce congestion outside our school, reduce air pollution, reduce noise and make it safer for children walking to school. We sent home a Parentmail to find out if parents would be interested in using a 'Walking Bus' and we received a positive response. Watch this space for more news on the 'Walking Bus'. 

Term 5

Eco Ambassador Training Day


Year 4 & 5 Eco Warriors and School Councillors had a very active day at Polo Farm. We learnt lots about ways in which we can help the environment. We also took part in a road safety workshop. Here's some advice for how to be safe with your phone when you're out and about...


'You shouldn't listen to your phone when you cross the road because when you're engrossed in your phone, you aren't concentrating on your surroundings. There's a risk that you could get hit by a car.'     Ted


'Find somewhere safe to make a call from if you are on the street.'    Matilda


'When you're on the pavement, you shouldn't be on your phone as you could walk into someone or trip into the road.'     Leo


Check out the Eco Team's page to find out more about our Eco Ambassador Training.