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River Primary School

River Primary School


Maths Subject leader is Mrs L. Vick



At River we believe that everyone can achieve in Mathematics.


At River Primary School, our intent for mathematics is to teach a rich, balanced and progressive curriculum, using Maths to reason, problem solve and develop fluent, conceptual understanding in each area. 


Prior to teaching a subject area, teachers complete an assessment activity in order to gain knowledge of children’s current levels of understanding. This assessment is used to inform planning so that new learning is built from the current point of the child’s understanding.


When revisiting an area of study such as number and place value, assessment remains important, to establish how well the children have retained learning and to explore any misconceptions they may have from previous learning. This is vital in enabling teachers to move learning forward and promote maximum progress.


We intend for all our children to develop ‘Number Sense’ during their time at our school; giving them the tools they need to tackle mathematical problems.

We use the NCETM Professional Development Materials and prioritisation maps to support our teachers with their planning and delivery of number.

The children will access a full mathematics curriculum where they will use a range of mathematical tools (including manipulatives and drawings) to support their maths learning.

Children will have the opportunity to discuss their learning with their Maths Learning Coach, as well as developing independence.


Those children who need further support will receive this either in the lesson or very quickly afterwards, with an opportunity to discuss their learning with an adult.

We are committed to ensuring that all children have secure times tables knowledge by the end of year 4 and that throughout the school, children are fluent mathematicians with the skills and conceptual understanding to reason and problem solve.