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River Primary School

River Primary School

Who's Who

Staff Team


Headship Team

  • Mr N Brinicombe – Executive Headteacher
  • Mrs V Alliston – Head of School, River
  • Ms T Moody– Assistant Head of School & SENCo, River
  • Mrs J Brown – Assistant Head of School, River


Senior Leadership Team - River

  • Mrs L Vick - Maths/ Builder of Learning
  • Mrs T Diamond - English/ Assessment for Learning


    Classes 2023/2024

    Class name 2023/24


    Class TA

     HNF TA

    EYFS Picasso

    Mrs Gosling

    Miss Lockhart

    Mrs Kerr


    EYFS Monet

    Miss Collins


    Year 1 Milhazes

    Mrs Lewis

    Mrs Jones


    Year 1 Thomas

    Mrs Collins

    Miss Marsh


    Year 2 Timney

    Mrs Diamond

    Mrs Beal

    Miss Stephenson

    Miss Robertson

    Year 2 Rhodes

    Mrs Churchill

    Miss McVie

    Mrs Cason

    Year 3 Britto

    Miss Chambers

    Mrs Skaife


    Year 3 Haring

    Mrs Mercer/Mrs Veale

    Mrs Coulter

    Mrs Lyster

    Mrs Cason

    Miss Lee

    Year 4 Bansky

    Mrs Stevens

    Mrs Smith/ Mrs Read


    Year 4 Steinlen

    Mrs Smith

    Mrs Wellard

    Mrs Goldsmith

    Year 5 Fraser

    Miss Hamilton

    Mrs Kesby


    Year 5

    Van Gogh

    Miss Gilyatt

    Miss Robinson

    Miss Allan

    Year 6 Hirst

    Mrs Vick

    Miss Scott


    Year 6 Kahlo

    Mrs Donovan

    Miss Bawtree


    SRP Wiltshire

    Miss Ward

    Mrs Watson

    Miss Hartopp


    Wider Teaching Team


    • Mrs A Salisbury - PE lead teacher
    • Miss S Didcott - Music lead teacher
    • Mrs S Betts - PPA cover teacher
    • Mrs J Veen - PPA cover teacher

    Pastoral Team

    • Mrs S Clarke


    SENCo Assistant

    • Miss L Chase


    Support Staff


    IT Technician – Federation

    • Miss S Higgins


    Business Manager – Federation

    • Mrs D Hunter-Wardle


    Finance Officer - River

    • Mrs A McEachran


    Office Administrators - River

    • Mrs C Hart
    • Miss M Peirce 


    Site Manager - River

    • Mr G Ward


    Breakfast Club Assistants - River

    • Mrs H Coulter
    • Miss P Underwood