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River Primary School

River Primary School


Welcome to the Foundation Stage at River!



Meet the team

Monet Class Teacher: Miss Collins

Picasso Class Teacher: Mrs Gosling

Foundations Stage TAs: Miss Lockhart and Mrs Kerr





Oscar-Claude Monet was a French painter and founder of impressionist painting who is seen as a key precursor to modernism, especially in his attempts to paint nature as he perceived it. We are so excited to explore his paintings this year!



Pablo Picasso a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmakerceramicist and theatre designer who spent most of his adult life in FranceHe is known for co-founding the Cubist movement. This style, in which objects were painted from different perspectives then combined into one image, changed art forever. He would often paint using vibrant colours. His life story teaches us that even when things get tough, we should all believe in our own talents.


In Foundation Stage we use our ASPIRE learning attributes to help us - attention, support, perseverance, improvement, reflection and exploration.