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River Primary School

River Primary School

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 2023 - 2024 


Meet the Team


Steinlen Class Teacher: Mrs L Smith

Steinlen Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Goldsmith and Mrs R Wellard


Banksy Class Teacher: Mrs R Stevens

Banksy Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs D Smith and Mrs J Read


Our classes are called Steinlen and Banksy Class - both are named after famous artists who promote and represent our school value of diversity.




Banksy is an anonymous graffiti artist, who keeps his identity hidden. He mostly creates his artwork in public places, such as on buildings and at train stations. His work often has political messages. He voices his opinions about things that are happening in the world, for example: greed, poverty and despair. For Banksy, the purpose of his art is to make people stop and think about important issues that he believes we need to do something about. 


Alexandre Theophilé Steinlen is an artist who loved drawing cats.  One of his most famous pieces was a poster for Le Café Chat Noir.  He was concerned with the everyday lives of the people around him and the politics of the day.  He drew for magazines and pamphlets showing the plight of the poor and everyday people effected by war and displacement.  He would sell his drawings to put food on his table.


In Year 4 we enjoy learning about new topics in exciting and fun ways.

We all work together to achieve our aspirations and ensure we put 100% effort into everything we do.