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River Primary School

River Primary School



The Four Seasons

We will learn about the four seasons and the key features of each one. 


To understand the difference between the past and the present.

To place objects in chronological order.

To know what an artefact is and begin to describe them. 


Can you interview your grandparents about the toys they played with when they were young?  How are they similar or different to the toys you play with today?


Art and Design

To describe and explore the work of Paul Klee.

To identify and use primary colours; and mix a range of secondary colours.

To use equipment and media correctly to create a clean printed image.

To build up layers using collage. 

Art with Mati and Dada - Paul Klee | Kids Animated Short Stories


Design Technology

To develop and communicate designs through talk and drawing.

To explore joining techniques such as gluing, stapling, tying and simple stitches.


We will be designing and creating our own peg dolls and sock puppets. 


Celebrating difference. What is the same and different about us?

Mixed - A Colorful Story