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River Primary School

River Primary School



In term 5 our Science learning is based on rocks, fossils and soils.


During the term children will be comparing and grouping together different kinds of rocks based on their appearance and properties through observation and investigating.  We will look at how and why different rocks are used for certain purposes and how they may change over time.  We will explore how fossils are formed when things that have lived are trapped within rock and look at the work of Mary Anning.  Our learning will also focus on how soils are made from rocks and organic matters.  This learning will link closely to our topic  titled 'what on earth is beneath my feet'.



Light and Shadow

In Term 6 our Science learning is based on light and shadow.


We will be looking at sources of light and the ways in which light is reflected from surfaces.  We will look at how shadows form an the ways that they change.  We will also be exploring sun safety and how to protect ourselves from damage.