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River Primary School

River Primary School


​​​​​​Term 4 - Working Scientifically


Our term 4 science learning will encompass a range of topics that have already been covered this year, including forces, magnets and plants. The main focus of our learning will be to improve our working scientifically skills. These include:


  • Carrying out tests to find out how far things move on different surfaces and gathering and recording data to find answers their questions.

  • Making systematic and careful observations.

  • Using a range of equipment for measuring and using standard units for their measurements.

  • Answering their own and others’ questions based on observations they have made and measurements they have taken.

  • Following a scientific experience, the children ask further questions which can be answered by extending the same enquiry.

  • They communicate their findings to an audience both orally and in writing, using appropriate scientific vocabulary.