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River Primary School

River Primary School


Useful information: previous Family Learning sessions

Please find below some useful documents referring to strategies used in the Specialist Resource Provision (SRP).

Attention and listening strategies

Memory strategies

Memory Strategies



One way we can remember information is to repeat it, or rehearse it to ourselves. This can be in our heads or out loud. In this café role-play activity the waiter had to remember a customer's order without writing anything down, by rehearsing it.



Another way to support memory is to use gesture and signs to represent meaning. In this activity, children and parents are memorising a poem using gestures.



In this activity, the teacher described different figures in the pictures, naming type and colour of clothing. The children had to hold the information in their memory, then look at the pictures to work out which one had just been described. Often, many of us can remember better when we have a visual or picture to store alongside information in our heads.