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River Primary School

River Primary School

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Meet the team...


Britto Class

Class Teacher: Miss Chambers

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Skaife


Haring Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Mercer (Monday-Wednesday), Mrs Veale (Thursday-Friday)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Coulter


This year, our classes are named after the famous artists: Romero Britto and Keith Haring.

Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist, painter, printer, and sculptor. He combines elements of cubism, pop art, and graffiti painting in his work, using vibrant colours and bold patterns as a visual expression of hope, dreams, and happiness.

Keith Allen Haring was an American artist whose pop art emerged from the New York City graffiti subculture of the 1980s. His animated imagery has "become a widely recognized visual language".