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River Primary School

River Primary School




Enquiry Questions:  

What makes Dover special?




This term's Geography topic allows the children to make comparisons between Dover with it's busy port, iconic white cliffs and many physical and natural features with Tokyo, Japan.




Key Question: How have I changed?


We will be thinking about how the children's bodies have changed from when they were a baby and will continue to change as they age. They will compare their growing independence and responsibilities with their lives as toddlers. And finally consider the freedom they may have in the future and talk about what they are looking forward to in the next year.




Design Technology

What is a pulley and where might we see them in action?

This term we will be using this story as a starting point for investigating pulley systems and then constructing our own pulleys to take the lighthouse keeper his lunch.




What makes a good quality photograph? 


This term we will be discovering what it means to be a wildlife photographer. 

How can the images be changed? and How does light affect an image? are two questions we will be exploring.