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River Primary School

River Primary School


Our enquiry question:

What does it mean to be healthy?


This term the children will be looking back in time to the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole to discover what differences their work made to the health and well being of those they cared for. 

This history rich topic will highlight the differences between hospitals now and those from the time of the Crimean war.


Art and Design


The outcome for this term's learning is to create portraits of Mary Seacole.

To do this we will explore how to draw the human face – thinking about the location of main features and know that lines can be used to add expression.  


Healthy Me

Key Question: What does healthy mean?


Here are a few of the things the children will be exploring in this topic.

Knowing what their body needs to stay healthy.


Feeling positive about caring for their bodies and keeping it healthy. 


Having a healthy relationship with food.


Making healthy lifestyle choices.  

Design Technology

We are learning to understand the need for a variety of food in a healthy diet. 

The children will be working collaboratively to create a healthy fruit salad to share with a friend.