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River Primary School

River Primary School


Our enquiry question:


What do minibeasts do for us?

(Wriggle and crawl)


This term's Science rich topic will focus on minibeasts such as worms, snails, ants, centipedes, millipedes and butterflies and bees. The children will learn how habitats and microhabitats are places where animals find all the things they need to survive. These include food, water, air, space to move, grow and provide shelter. We are looking forward to going on a minibeast hunt at Forest School too. 

What types of habitats do you have near you and what minibeasts might you find in your back garden? 



These will help you on your own minibeast hunt.


Our key artist this term is Henri Matisse. Take a look at this famous paper cut out art work. Can you spot a minibeast?

The artist

Start collecting magazines and cutting out beautiful coloured paper as we will be creating our own Henri Matisse paper cut out art. What primary, secondary and...tertiary colours can you collect to use in your collage?





Don't forget your pencil and paper when looking for minibeasts as this term we will be using our drawing skills to experiment with line, texture, shape and pattern.