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River Primary School

River Primary School

Fun activities for the family

Some fun Off Screen Activities!

A lovely family activity which can make someones day and also boost your own well-being. Provided by Twinkl.

Here are some fun craft activities for you to try at home. As with all You Tube access, parental supervision is advised.

How about trying some of these activities throughout the day? Keeping healthy in your body and mind will support your families well-being.

Some ideas to get the family talking: Try to ask open questions using; how, when, what, why etc. Be as deep or as humorous as you like.


  1. What would be a useful invention for the future?
  2. What is the thing you are most proud of and why?
  3. What is something you have never done that you would like to try?
  4. Listen to your favourite song. Think about what the words mean; did you all interpret the song the same?
  5. What are you proud of? Children love to hear your stories and achievements-don't be afraid to share your mistakes too.
  6. Talk to your child about positivity. Positivity is important no matter your child's age. Try turning unhelpful thoughts in to positive thoughts promoting a growth mind-set. e.g. "I am rubbish at cutting!" try encouraging your child to say, "I need to practice my cutting to get better."
  7. Looking at old photo's can create amazing talking points. Don't be afraid to explore the past. You could make a collage of your favourites.
  8. Fingerprints! We are all unique! Can you see similarities within your family?
  9. Find an empty jar and write down your favourite thing you did today. It will be great to fill the jar and then look back and share the memories.
  10. You can also use jars to write down thoughts, worries and questions.


Some craft activities to keep your children busy.


1. Sock Puppets

2. Egg Blowing and decorating

3. Make a mosaic with old; tiles, magazines, pictures etc.

4. Make homemade postcards to send to someone...make their day.

5. How about making a dance routine and recording it? I'm sure you all have some fabulous dance moves.

6. Sketch something in your garden; enjoy nature.