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River Primary School

River Primary School



This week we have been learning about subtraction.  Yesterday, you answered and recorded subtraction number sentences.  You have used simple pictures and playdough to help you with this.  

Please can you answer these questions below or click the link to play the game.

9 - 4 = 

4 - 1 = 

7 - 3 = 

8 - 5 = 

6 - 5 = 



This week we have been reading 'Baggy Brown' by Mick Inkpen.  Yesterday, we found and thought of adjectives (what like words) to describe what Baggy Brown looks like.  Today we would like you to write some sentences to describe Baggy Brown.

Remember to use:

  • Capital letters for names and at the beginning of a sentence
  • Finger spaces between each word
  • Full stops at the end of each sentence
  • Adjectives (What like words)
  • Remember to use your phonic knowledge

You may like to draw a picture of Baggy Brown to show what he looks like.


Here is one we have created to help you.

 Baggy Brown is fluffy.  He has a black nose.  His paws are soft.

Please take this time to explore our class page.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Collins and Mrs Lewis